Schiphol Business Taxi

Every Schiphol Business Taxi vehicle, as well as the 100% electric ‘green’ alternative, is a comfortable and luxurious vehicle with a professional and experienced driver. We pick you up at every location desired and bring you all the way to Schiphol airport’s departure hall, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reservations may be placed up to 4 hours before you want to leave and there is no waiting period. Your trip may start at every location in the Netherlands* and, apart from Schiphol Airport, may end at various regional airports. Luxury mini vans with privacy glass are also available, to transport up to 8 passengers at once. The mini vans and electric-powered vehicles are all equipped with free WiFi service for our passengers. Additional personal attention through services such as check-in assistance or accompaniment and transport from or to the gate, are also possible. Schiphol Business Taxi is a Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Connexxion Taxi Services initiative.

Business taxi
Place your reservation for a Business Taxi now, to ensure transport with a luxury car or minivan, without a waiting period and through the whole of the Netherlands. If you are travelling from Schiphol Airport, we provide a complementary coffee or tea.

100% E-Business Taxi
Want to travel a short distance with an environmentally friendly electric taxi to or from Schiphol? We offer you a comfortable service, with all the personal attention and benefits and a minimum of environmental impact.